Specialties savoyard delights

The culinary specialties of La Cabane

As in the resort after a day on the slopes, the chef has simmered real Savoyard dishes such as tartiflette, rebloch ‘of the shepherd, Savoyard crusts or the fondue of La Cabane, a craft recipe from the depths of Savoy, tomme and cider.

You can also taste all kinds of pancakes and crepes … mountain, it goes without saying. Just their name is already quite a journey: Refuge, Shepherd or Snow Stars.

And the desserts … impossible to resist the Super Belle-Côte with its homemade salted butter caramel.

As for the ice cream made in Haute-Savoie from fresh products, you have to dare cotton candy: regressive at will, caramel-salted butter: “to fall” make vibrate your taste buds by tasting one of our 40 perfumes of ice cream, such as mascarpone or Sichuan pepper.

The original dishes and the varied menu will give you the choice.

Your taste buds tickle you so come discover our menu … without moderation!


«A holiday look every day of the year at La Cabane»


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